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  • A Leader asks Questions.

    Long-lasting success requires a continual dialogue. You can foster this process with our specially structured question format - a 'prediki'.

    Empower your employees and partners to contribute their own thoughts and to act independently, while pursuing a common goal.

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  • 1. Ask your question

    Easy and free.
    Online in only a few minutes.

    2. Provide incentive

    For best results, motivate participants with real money.

    3. Mobilise people

    Invite contacts and experts,
    leverage social networks.

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  • The many know more than one.

    Prediki's forecast market technology generates predictions and analyses for your questions in real-time through collective intelligence.

    Your advantage: Better decisions, more reliable planning and a faster feedback-loop. And the positive effects of a democratic style.

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  • Prediki is not a poll

    • Good results already from about 15 participants
    • Answers in real time, always up-to-date
    • Interactivity versus one-way communication
    • Pays for good predictions, not just participation
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    Prediction market method

    "What do the others think?"

    Polling method

    "What do I think (myself)?"

  • Five good reasons
    for Prediki

    • Universally applicable and highly adaptable
    • Ready to start in only 10 minutes
    • Immediate focus on "your" topics
    • Measurable results within a few hours
    • Participants also see value for themselves
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  • Strategy

    Are you an Executive, Strategist, Policy Maker or a Strategic Investor? Prediki helps you devise and communicate strategies, as well as forecast their success likelihood. The tool facilitates strategy implementation and change management. Last but not least, Prediki can give you an early warning if something goes wrong. Typical questions include:

    • What will be our market share if we decide on strategy X?
    • When will our competition launch its next generation device?
    • Will a foreign multinational enter our home market?
    • Will government subsidies for solar panels be abolished?
  • Marketing

    Are you Head of Marketing, a Product Manager, or Digital Marketing Specialist? With Prediki you can engage any target audience in meaningful conversations and generate qualified leads. Internally, Prediki assists you in focusing your team on tangible goals and results as well as integrating external experts' knowledge. You can substantiate your creative strategies, test the impact of your messages, and speed up the market feedback loop. Typical questions include:

    • Will we launch in time for the Christmas season?
    • Which product characteristics are most important for the affluent consumer segment?
    • Which manufacturer will win the major order of airline X?
    • How many customers will buy the product if we change the pricing structure?
  • Communication

    Are you Head of Corporate Communication, Investor Relations Officer, Spokesman or responsible for Social Media? Prediki helps you direct the attention of your target audience, raise issues and convey subject matter. With Prediki you can also launch fast and effective counter attacks against false rumours and misinformation. Typical questions include

    • Which car model will have the lowest number of repairs this year?
    • What will the real construction costs for the public works project be? When will it actually be finished?
    • Will shareholders agree with the planned takeover?
  • Innovation

    Are you a Product Developer, Head of Innovation, Founder of a Start-up Company, or Venture Capitalist? With Prediki you can generate more reliable assessments about possible results of innovations and receive earlier input about necessary improvements. Typical questions include:

    • Will mobile payments be an important practical use for NFC-chips?
    • Will the FDA approve the new drug?
    • What range will electric cars have in 2015?
  • Recruiting

    Are you Head of Personnel, a Recruiter or HR developer? With Prediki you can identify internal experts and generate external candidates. You can also implement productive, result-oriented personnel surveys whereas other methods often just degenerate into public complaining. Typical questions include:

    • Will we reach our company-wide bonus goals for this business year?
    • What will be this year's labour turnover rate?
    • Will our operating efficiency improve if we introduce the new training program?
  • Production

    Are you Chief Operating Officer, a Supply Chain Manager, or Head of Logistics? Prediki assists you in planning, assessing important risks and assuring smooth processes. It is also a highly agile tool for Project Management which can capture information from project members and involved parties in real time. Typical questions include:

    • What will our capacity utilisation in the fourth quarter be?
    • When will the Northern European airspace be reopened for flights?
    • By how much will our annual capacity rise if we implement investment X?
  • Finance

    Are you Chief Financial Officer, an Investment Manager, or Controller? Prediki assists you in capturing uncertain and complex questions with hard numbers. The tool can improve budgeting and subsequent budget adherence by facilitating a more participative process. Moreover, Prediki gives you an early warning regarding performance discrepancies so you can react faster. Typical questions include:

    • Will we be able to double last year's revenues for our new line of business?
    • What will be the actual value of synergies from the potential M&A deal?
    • What is the likelihood of armed conflict in our main export market?
  • Legal

    Are you a Legal Officer, Lawyer, Attorney, or otherwise involved in legal proceedings or arbitration? Prediki helps you determine the likelihood of different outcomes, devise legal strategies, assess litigation risks. Moreover, Prediki can produce a continuous analysis of new developments so you can chose the best tactical responses. Typical questions are:

    • What will the Criminal Court rule in the case of ... ?
    • What damages will be awarded to the plaintiff in the class action suit?
    • What is the likelihood that Company X will be sued for patent infringement?

Our clients are from all industries and of all company sizes, ranging from multinationals to SMEs.

  • Anchor Fonterra
  • ITC Foods
  • Vaillant Group
  • Austrian Tourism
  • Tamedia
  • Raiffeisen
  • SRG Swiss Television
  • Telefonica
  • Media companies
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Automotive
  • IT Industry
  • Tourism & Leisure
  • Law firms
  • Consulting
  • Universities & Research
  • Public Sector & Parties
  • NPOs & NGOs