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Fees for Companies & Organisations

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Private persons can participate for free. Companies and organisations (the "Clients") are subject to the following fees and prices for our services.

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Participating in a prediction market

Participation in prediction questions is always free of charge. Even better, qualifying participants can earn money or prizes with good predictions for questions asked by Prediki's clients.

Asking prediction questions

You want to enter your own prediction question?

  • Public questions -- Free of charge, simply click here to start
  • Confidential questions -- Questions for closed user groups cost 1 Euro per question and participant invoiced monthly, min. 50 Euro.

Special discounts apply for academic projects and democratic participation projects.

Question batteries (prediction markets)

You want to do a predictive study which requires several related questions in a narrative? You would like to use one of our tried and tested study patterns such as Prediki PROMPT for innovation and new product development (NPD)? Please contact us for a specific proposal from one of the following options:

  • Full service projects -- Outsource your entire predictive market research project from start (market design) to finish (chart analysis) to our methodically experienced researchers and project managers. Your advantage: efficient projects and best possible results.
  • Fast track -- Regular full service project duration is 4 weeks. If you need faster results we can help. Please ask for our express service.
  • Do-it-yourself (with second-level support) -- You are already experienced in the prediction market method? Great! You can handle the design, setup, operation and analysis of your DIY market research project all by yourself. We will configure your question battery in Prediki's technical back-end (survey mode). We will also provide feedback and act as your fall-back if complexities and pitfalls arise.

Sponsoring prediction questions

  • Incentive -- An incentive is a sum of money provided by a research client (sponsor) to promote the active participation in a prediction question. Prediki effects the invoicing, collection, settlement, and payout of incentives on behalf of sponsors.
  • Commission -- In return, Prediki charges a commission of 30 % of the incentive which is due concurrently with the incentive itself.
  • Cancellation fee -- An incentive can be cancelled up to its planned starting time. Prediki will refund the total invoice amount to an account of the Sponsor, minus a cancellation fee of 5 %, subject to a minimum of 20.00 US dollars per single case, exclusive of applicable VAT.
  • Charge-back fee -- If an electronic payment fails due to a charge-back, the debtor will be billed for third party costs. In addition, Prediki charges an administration fee of 20.00 US dollars per single case, exclusive of applicable VAT.

Payout of settled incentive monies

  • Payout limits -- A single payout must amount to at least 10.00 US dollars and must not exceed 10,000.00 US dollars.
  • Payout fee -- Prediki charges a fee of 1.50 US dollars for each single payout transaction.
  • Bank charges -- Third-party bank fees are to be borne by the participant and will be deducted from the payout amount.

Value-added tax

Our fees may be subject to VAT to be paid by the client. Applicable tax rates are as follows:

  • 20 % VAT -- for private individuals from within the European Union (EU) and for companies from within Austria.
  • Not taxable -- for companies from outside Austria and for private individuals from outside the EU.

Last updated on: June 5, 2013


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    I'm out ,too!! I just found out about FEES! I still don't understand all of this and I WANT OUT!! NOW!

    • Helene Meier

      Did you really read this page, Paul? There are absolutely no fees for participating as a respondent. It is Prediki's research clients - those who commission studies - who pay fees (and participants' prize monies).

      On Prediki it is important that participants read and understand.

      Your account has been cancelled.

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    I'm out, I don't use paypal or sepa

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