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As a media partner of Prediki, you get real-time predictions to supplement your original content and a new revenue stream when sponsors promote questions.

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Real-time predictions for your website

With Prediki's real-time predictions you can enhance your original content by displaying pertinent visual charts. Your content stays fresh longer. Your visitors will stay longer and return more often to keep an eye on further developments. Whether you need a prediction for a specific article or for a channel page: Prediki either already has a pertinent prediction question or you can simply create a new one.

Additional income for your website

As our media partner you can profit from an additional revenue stream whenever our prediction customers wish to promote a prediction question. They do this to steer the public's attention towards an important topic, to foster well-founded opinion formation or simply to bring a public debate on a more objective level.

Next steps

Please send your inquiries about a media partnership with Prediki either via e-mail or call us on:

USA:+1 415 513 0126
Austria:+43 1 523 7206
Germany:+49 431 89 244