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Information according to Austrian e-commerce law (ECG) and media law (MedienG).

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Service provider

The operator of this platform is Prediki Prediction Markets GmbH, a limited liability corporation under Austrian law, headquartered in Vienna.

Company details

  • VAT identification: ATU66924368
  • Registrar: Commercial Court of Vienna, FN 373457b, dated 30 December 2011
  • Trade authority: Municipal Authority of Vienna VII, Reg.Zl.: 114497F06/07
  • Chamber membership: Economic Chamber of Vienna, No. 9110017843796
  • Bank: Bank Austria, IBAN AT941200052946051002, BIC BKAUATWW

Contact information

  • USA:
    548 Market Street
    San Francisco, CA 94104-5401

    Phone: +1 415 513 0126
    E-mail: us.office@prediki.com
  • Austria:
    Bellevuestrasse 45
    A-1190 Vienna

    Phone: +43 1 523 7206
    E-mail: at.office@prediki.com
  • Germany:
    Holtenauer Str. 131
    D-24118 Kiel

    Phone: +49 431 89 244
    E-Mail: de.office@prediki.com

Content responsibility

All content on Prediki is contributed by users of the platform, i.e. independent third parties. User-contributed content is not subject to editorial supervision by Prediki and virtually all content can be modified by anyone at any time. The platform itself refrains from all editorial influence and does not employ any media staff. Exempt from the beforesaid is restricted content for Prediki's self-presentation in accordance with § 25 (5) Austrian media law, which can be contributed and edited only by Prediki.

Every user is solely responsible for the content contributed to the website by him. The contribution of content which infringes upon copyrights, rights of use, personality rights, or any other rights, is not allowed under Prediki's Terms of use.

Content liability

Due to Prediki's freely editable and constantly evolving content, some of it may be incorrect, outdated, or incomplete. Prediki's content is for general information only, it does not constitute individual advice. Every user may utilise information at his own discretion and risk, Prediki assumes no responsibility or liability for a user's reliance on any content.

Guidance for rights holders

Due to the vast number of publications, it cannot be precluded that individual users contribute violating content. Prediki assumes no liability for infringement by third parties. As a rights holder or a his representative you have two possible ways to rectify this situation:

  1. Prediki recommends that you remove the infringing content yourself. This has the advantage that the rectification takes effect immediately. Additionally you may chose to report the infringement via Prediki's "Report" function. This ensures appropriate measures can be taken against any violator, such as a warning, or banning.
  2. You may report a violation to Prediki officially via e-mail. Such e-mail shall describe the infringing content as precisely as possible and indicate the original source of the violating content. The content in question will then be removed within reasonable time during customary local business hours (Austrian business days from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM).

Official representatives for such reports can only be reached via the contact information above. Other users, even if granted wider technical rights for platform administration or moderation purposes, are not official representatives of Prediki. Such users may help others voluntarily and independently with questions or issues, but are not personally responsible for Prediki or third party content.