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Non-Disclosure Agreement

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Confidentiality obligations inbetween Question Owner and invited Users.

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  1. This Non-Disclosure Agreement (the "Agreement") between the Question Owner and any User invited to a Confidential Question is part of the Terms of Prediki.
  2. Any terms that are capitalised are defined terms and have the same meanings attributed to them under the Terms of Use.
  3. By requesting access to a Confidential Question, you agree to be bound by the Agreement. If you do not agree to this Agreement, you may not access the Confidential Question.
  4. The purpose of this Agreement is to allow the Question Owner to protect Confidential Content disclosed by, and to, invited Users under the following terms.


  1. Confidential Content means any information generated or contributed by the Question Owner and the other invited Users for the purpose of the Confidential Question that is:
    1. not available to the public at large; or
    2. in any format that is designed as confidential; or
    3. a reasonable person knows, or reasonably should understand, to be confidential.
  2. The invited User agrees:
    1. not to disclose the Confidential Content to parties not covered by this Agreement;
    2. not to use the Confidential Content for purposes other than the Confidential Question;
    3. to take reasonable steps to protect the Confidential Content, these steps must be at least as protective as those the invited User takes to protect own Confidential Content;
    4. to notify the Question Owner and the other invited Users promptly upon discovery of any unauthorised use or disclosure of Confidential Content; and
    5. to cooperate with them to help regain control of the Confidential Content and prevent further unauthorised use or disclosure of it.


  1. The Question Owner permits invited Users to view, trade, and respond to the Confidential Question and grants them an exclusive, revocable, non-transferable licence to modify, amend, make additions to or create derivative works from the Confidential Question, limited to the purpose of invited Users’ participating in the Confidential Question.
  2. The invited Users grant the Question Owner a royalty-free, perpetual and unlimited licence in accordance with the general Terms (Creative Commons) to use, copy, create, modify, display, amend, and make additions to or creative derivative works from the User-contributed Content generated in response to the Confidential Question in the Question Owner’s sole discretion.


  1. The invited Users may disclose the Question Owner’s Confidential Content if required to comply with a court order or other government demand that has the force of law. Before doing so, the selected Contributors must give the Question Owner prior notice to provide a reasonable chance to seek a protective order.
  2. In the event that the Question Owner or their Principal discloses all or a portion of the User-contributed Content to the public, the rights and obligations of confidentiality relating to such User-contributed Content will expire with respect to the disclosed portion.
  3. The Question Owner may also authorise any invited User to disclose all or a portion of the User-contributed Content to the public. Such authorisation must be given to the invited User in writing.
  4. Subsequent to such disclosure or authorisation, the relevant User-contributed Content shall be licensed in accordance with the relevant Creative Commons licensed specified under the general Terms.


  1. This Agreement continues in effect also after the Confidential Question is completed until the Questioning Owner terminates the Agreement, at his sole discretion.
  2. Termination of this Agreement will not change any of the rights and obligations made while this Agreement is in effect.

Last updated on: February 1, 2012