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Please contact support@prediki.com regarding questions or concerns you may have.

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If you have any questions concerning Prediki or wish to send us feedback please contact us.

Also if you wish to cancel your Prediki account please email Support using the email address you wish to be cancelled.

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  • Günther Lassi

    Frage Nr. 1 Meine Tochter arbeitet mit Linux Debian und Fire Fox und bekommt diese Fehlermeldung: The provided personal accesscode is invalid. (ErrorID: CC_001_complete) gibt es da Abhilfe?

    2.Frage: Meine Gattin möchte auch mitmachen, bekommt aber die Meldung: "Schade das sie nicht am Bürgerparlament mitmachen, dadurch gibt es keine Weiterleitung. Mögliche Ursache? Wir arbeiten nur mit einem PC, da ich aber als Abgeordneter Kandidat abgelehnt habe, könnte es sein, dass dies damit zusammenhängt.

    Günther Lassi

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Zur 1. Frage: Die Umfrageseite war heute morgen kurz auf Wartung. Kann Ihre Tochter es bitte nochmals probieren. Bei Problemen bitte nochmal melden bei support (at) prediki dot com
      Zur 2. Frage: Der Zusammenhang könnte leider bestehen. Man sollte an einem PC nur einmal teilnehmen.

  • yingying geng


  • yonghai zhang


  • Zainon Mat Yudin

    Thank you prediki. I've just received my first payout.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Our pleasure. We hope it was fun, too...

  • Hi..! I would like to ask about 4 questions that until now have not been closed, still pending. thanks.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Hollius, you are right, they seem to be overdue. I will check with the client and revert within 48 hours.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Hollius - I now see what happened. We entered the true results last year but two traders blocked the settlement. As they did not give a valid reason, they violated the Regulations of Prediki. They were given a last warning not to interfere with an orderly market, or will be banned if they become repeat violators. We are now reentering the results. Thanks for alerting us.

    • so, is this cases finished? Or still waiting ? Thanks

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Thanks for the reminder. We have not yet received a reply from two violators, so just reentered the two proposals just now. The very last one needs information from the project manager, so will be entered tomorrow Monday.

  • yan li


    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Yan Li - You will receive a confirmation message from Paypal directly. Please revert here if it does not arrive within 3 working days.

    • yan li


    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support


    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      @Yan Li - Paypal现在为您服务了吗?

  • Kelli Jones

    Guess I wasted a lot of time lol but never could change anything...wouldn't let me make comments...kept trying.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Kelli: You should always be able to make comments in competitions once you are admitted. Please send me a screenshot to support at prediki dot com, in case this should not be possible on some page.

    • Nushantha Dias

      do you have any paying online researches?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      I am sorry, Nushantha, invitation is strictly by expertise rank.

  • Kelli Jones

    Not showing anything in the pay out now

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Kelli: Your winnings/payout page is absolutely correct. It is now zero, because your competition has been settled. Unfortunately, your predictions did not do well, so the incentive money went to the traders who were right. You can track your own predictions, and those of the winning traders by clicking on your winnings page here:

    • Kelli Jones

      Took trump over Hillary though would have done better. Thanks.

  • Roland Kofler

    Neither Credit card no Paypal works on sponsoring page ... says "try later" when is later? :-)

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Payment systems are all good again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • Roland Kofler

    Can't click on "Reply" of this message https://imgur.com/a/Xnzoo on this site https://www.prediki.com/questions/Will-Ethereum...

    Both with Ffx and Chrome on linux

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      The meta-discussion about question rules is only accessible on the rule modify page. (On the question page, these messages are just an artifact and will not show up anymore once we fix this.) Thanks for reporting this.

  • Player conceded

    I won $9.98 and want to cash out when everything is settled-but it says have to have 10 dollars-that is not fair over .02cents.What is your reply??

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Laurie - When I click your name and look at your settled winnings, I see $10.51 so you should be able to trigger a pay-out?

      PS: The $10 is firmly built into the system. A manual handling fee would exceed that amount, so kindly understand that we have to stick to the rules. The are the same for all players.

  • Kelli Jones


    Prediki Support
    New comment:
    Hi Kelli, sorry for any inconvenience you are experiencing. I just checked and clicking your name above we can see your public information alright, so I'd need your help to find out what may be wrong. Could you kindly send me an email to support@prediki.com with: (1) a screenshot after (trying) your FB login unsuccessfully (showing the URL bar) (2) which notification type you have not been getting (3) which of your information is not being shown This will help getting you up and running again!
    Helene Meier, Sept. 25, 2016, 03:37:39
    I got this one but haven't been getting any at all and it concerned me as the election was heating up I got no new comments. Tried to log in with facebook and couldn't did mangage to login creating password but was not showing all the statistics.
    My hotmail is having trouble sending out but not recieving. Switching to gmail soon

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Kelli, good that you did receive the notification for my help page message. Let's continue this by email once you have gmail, so we can look at the screenshots. I can help you better once I see them.

    • Kelli Jones

      some of what I did is there much is not. I got it to let me sign in with facebook but it didn't change what I see. I am getting notifications now, but it brings me to this post lol
      I have a gmail account now but do not want to change facebook...to it so how do I proceed.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      To help you, I'd need the screenshots of where you think something is missing. Please send them to the email address I gave above.

    • Kelli Jones

      To late to fix and couldn't figure out how to do a screen shot. Just everything was gone it showed credits as 83,.... us $ 0

  • Kelli Jones

    I have not been getting my notifications, I logged in and had my password changed. Would not let me sign in with facebook. but can manual. It isn't showing me any of my information either. Help, whats going on with this account?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Kelli, sorry for any inconvenience you are experiencing. I just checked and clicking your name above we can see your public information alright, so I'd need your help to find out what may be wrong.

      Could you kindly send me an email to support@prediki.com with:
      (1) a screenshot after (trying) your FB login unsuccessfully (showing the URL bar)
      (2) which notification type you have not been getting
      (3) which of your information is not being shown

      This will help getting you up and running again!

  • Player Gave Up


    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support


  • 何勤 何勤

    在线订购母婴用品 (中国, 2016年6月),在以后的好多天里,我都登录调查,并把它完成。现在已经是8月份了,我还没有收到调查的最终奖励,是否需要我的支付账号,我可以提供,请一定回复,多久才能收到奖励,谢谢。

    • Chloe Liu, Be a light undo the darkness.

      亲爱的何勤 何勤,
      您参与的两项调研问答已揭晓答案。正如您能看到的是,您未能做出正确预测,其他成功预测的用户(如holy chou)赢取了奖金。对于您所参与的其他6个问题,您可以根据以下步骤查询结果揭晓时间和相应奖金:登陆后点击右上方、您个人头像旁边的美金$额度(可能赢取的奖金)。您将跳转至个人奖金页面,您可以在第一列查看所有未结束问题的答案揭晓时间。感谢您的咨询!

  • Richard Blech

    Hi Helene,
    I noticed that many transactions in the "What percentage of the Republican delegates will Donald Trump win?" well after the time when the results were announced (7/19). Isn't this verboten?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Richard, kind of. Not strictly forbidden but futile. This is how it works:

      Prediki's system automatically reverses all transactions after result cut-off, hence all "risk-free" gains will be undone after settlement. Traders might just as well not bother.

      Therefore, when a community member enters the final result or when you vote for a final result entry being fair and proper, just make sure that its cut-off is entered as the correct time of the official announcement.

    • Richard Blech

      Thanks Helene!

  • Jiewei Guo

    Hi Helene,
    I have appied my pay-out at May 27. When will I get my money? thx!

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Jiewei, thanks for advising and apologies. Let me check what's wrong and get back to you.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Jiewei, your PayPal pay-out has cleared and should be with you now. Congratulations again.

    • Jiewei Guo


  • Richard Blech

    Hi Helene,
    I've learned my lessons about true predictions, closing a subtopic, and carefully reading things before voting. But it seems like there are very few topics/subtopics open to new participants. Is there a way to get connected to one of the private topics? Thanks,

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Rich, thanks for your interest in doing more predictions. The system constantly measures who is a good predictor in what and unlocks appropriate subtopics (surveys) for you. Here is your current expertise:

      If you want to increase your expertise points, feel free to start an own prediction question in a topic you know lots about.

  • Richard Blech

    Hi Helene,
    I thought that I had put all my shares on Ted Cruz getting less than 10% of the delegates at the RNC. The final listing shows that I had 20-30%, which I had changed to less than 10% a few days earlier. I remember seeing my credits increasing significantly as everyone was catching up. Then the final listing showed my shares changed back to 20-30% and my winnings wiped out. What happened?
    Thanks for checking,

  • Sandeep Songa

    Hey Helene,
    Can I know the status of Milk Promotion test as the estimated pay date was 01/11/2015 and its already been more than two months? Any reason for delays.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hey Sandeep, that sounds correct, Let us check with the client if the numbers are available as envisaged.
      PS: I will continue this thread in the study i.e. the relevant question page.

    • Sandeep Songa

      Awesome. Thanks

  • Rinkle Kothari, Travel to make memories

    Hey helene,

    Please guide me how to delete few of my old messages as out of confusion i message some fellow traders .

  • Rinkle Kothari, Travel to make memories

    Hey helene ,

    I am bit confused about this set up
    1- My first query how can i speculate and book the profit before final result. How can I sell my trades at higher value and withdraw those profit before final results.

    2- I see most of the particpants are going as per the graphs highest ranking and no one sharing their own perspective and opinion. Is this the ideal way all participants are suppose to do. would go against the graph ranking cost us our credits. i mean switzerland have almost entire support. It is the obvious choice or people choosing over german and austria have fair chances to win.

    please brief me and assist me in providing you with my fair opinion.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Rinkle, I am happy to help, or at least I will try:

      1. Sure you can book realised profits. For instance, if you invested in an answer and it becomes overvalued, you can get out at the high price and book your profit. Do not forget to communicate your bearish reasons. If it comes down enough after traders learn your reasons, you can still get in at a lower price.

      2. You are right, sharing their thinking is of very different quality between traders. I observed that your contributions are very thoughtful. It's in a clever trader's interest to be pursuasive, so s/he can test if the crowd agrees with her own predicitons. If you locked in the cheap price before sharing, you stand nothing to lose, only gain insight.

      3. On the Switzerland example, if it is the obvious choice then the early bird catches the worm. Still, if there are aruments that it is not so 100% sure, you could test this by investing in the other likely answer and share your thinking.

      I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

    • Rinkle Kothari, Travel to make memories

      You said I can book profit and with draw same by selling at highprice. How will I withdraw and encash it. I mean i dont see it getting accumulated anywhere ?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      The process is as follows:

      1. Judgement with the true real result -> Question is settled. Remaining unrealised credit profits are realised.

      2. Winners are determined (by highest realised trading profits in credits), prize money (in US$) is booked on their Winnings Account.

      3. Winners can withdraw their winnings share via PayPal or other aailable method.

  • Dipika Mehta

    How to increase my participation here.I mean what is daily base work I can do here?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Participation in other surveys is by invitation only. The better your predicitons in the competitions which are open to you, the more invitations you will get. Reason is that we found out that predicting is a human talent,and some of us are better at it, just like in singing, skiing or cricket.


    In my user/winnings page, Pending winnings=$10.53 is been shown. Can you please let me know when will it be credited. Thankyou.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Mrudel!
      The prediction question where these pending winnings show (Silk market share for 2015) relates to year-end, i.e. 31 December 2015. Please also add a bit of time for Nielsen Data to be published.
      PS: If Silk really is in the range you predicted, you would win even more. If it is not as strong, you could go empty. But I guess you know that.

  • idrus maros

    Good day.
    I was one of the participants prediki.com. My account numbers listed winnings: US $ 41.71.
    I have followed the procedures existing in the menu "money acount: for payments using paypal.
    I put the numbers 40 USD to be paid, but after I click the button "command on pay" system was rejecting the process (insufficient funds)
    If I am now able to make requests in pay. Please tell me how to do it. thanks
    Idrus Maros

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Idrus, I just checked your User/Winnings page. Your settled winnings stand currently at 0.00, so the system message is correct.

      Please note that the US$ 41.71 you mention are still pending winnings, only calculated at most current market prices. Kindly await the client's announcement of the outcome, as the basis to settle the competition.

  • Agniswar Mozumder

    Paypal payout is stating insufficient payout. I tried with different amounts but it all states the same.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Apologies, I can see the bug. Please wait while IT fixes it. I will notify you once done.

    • Agniswar Mozumder

      Thank you very much

  • Sandeep Songa

    If PayPal is not going to be available can you please advice how I can get a payout as it keeps saying invalid IBAN even though that is what I have been advised by my bank to use?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Please feel always free to contact support with your Paypal instructions for a specific payout if you do not have IBAN/BIC. (But NEVER put your account details in the public forum.)

      And let's keep our fingers crossed that the Paypal feature will finally make it into this Friday's roll-out.

    • Sandeep Songa

      Thanks Again. :)

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      PayPal is ready! Be aware that your competition is still running. You can also reach me through email at the address above for any questions.

    • Sandeep Songa

      Awesome.. that's some great news.. Thanks Helene..

  • Sandeep Songa

    Hi Team, Whats is the status on payout by paypal?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Roll-out is still delayed by bug fixing, sorry guys. Next likely rollout window is this Friday.

    • Sandeep Songa

      Thanks Helene. Very much looking forward for that.

  • Edy Minaryanto

    How about the PayPal payout? Is it ready?

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      Hi Edy, our developers are cleaning out a problem found during last week's testing. So, the next release has been moved to this Friday. Thanks for your patience.

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      PayPal is ready! You can also reach me through email at the address support(at)prediki.com for any questions.

  • Edy Minaryanto

    How to cashout via Paypal? Cause I don't know how to cashout via my bank

    • Edy Minaryanto

      And how to submit bank account number

    • Helene Meier, Prediki Support

      IT has scheduled a last test of our brand-new PayPal payout feature for this Friday and the roll-out should happen in the evening . For simplicity, kindly bear with us till then.

      No bank number will be needed, just an email address.

    • Edy Minaryanto

      I am waiting
      Thank you

  • ZULKAFLY jamein

    what is next action? im not understand?it is finish?

    • Thank you for participating in a prediction competition. You will be notified automatically by the system as soon as the real-world results are available and questions are settled.

  • ZULKAFLY jamein

    use my paypal : isqh78@yahoo.com to redeem the usd

    • For privacy reasons, we do not recommend putting personal data like your email address up on the public internet.

      Please use the "Feedback & Support" link (at the bottom of every Prediki Page) to contact Prediki privately if your bank does not support the international IBAN/BIC system.

  • ZULKAFLY jamein

    how to redeem the money? what is IBAN and SWIFT

    • Normally your bank will tell you the IBAN/BIC code for your account number. If a bank does not support the IBAN/BIC system, Prediki will send winnings through Paypal.

      Please use the "Feedback & Support" link (at the bottom of every Prediki Page) to contact Prediki if your bank does not support the international IBAN/BIC system.

  • ZULKAFLY jamein


  • Debbie Hanlon

    Hi, the IBAN code I've been given is coming up as invalid. However this is what my bank said to use. Is there another way to withdraw winnings

  • Hi, my bank does not have an IBAN code. What can I do to get my payout?

  • Maui Millan

    hi, do you have APIs we can call to have prediction service feature to be included on our app or website ?

    • Yes, there is an API. But of course it depends on what you need. We will be in touch by email to clarify details.

  • Laurie Pullman

    Just for clarification: what are we actually betting on here? Is it the final result from the survey or from this "market"?

    • @ Laurie - Thanks for your question again. These help us to improve tutorials and help pages, so here's a "Green". Having said this:

      "What are we actually betting on here?" -- The very precise definition of what you are trading ("betting") is specific for each question. It is called the "Judgement Rule". You can find its link always right on top next to each prediction question. BTW: Generally, the predicion questions itself should already be formulated good enough for practical purposes.

      "Is it the final result from the survey or from this "market"?" -- We can see that you are participating in a confidential market. Please ask any specifics its own secured Message Section. This is due to the Confidentiality Agreement every participant must click before entering any specific Confidential Question or Multi-Question Survey.

      Last: Predki is a truly community-driven system. It has a fully democratic process ("Modify") to change judgement rules or prediction question's titles which are unclear or ambiguous in any way. The community votes if a proposed change is good or bad.

    • PS: If you like an explanation ... a "Green" would be great !

  • Laurie Pullman

    How does this work? What is the "price"? Why is a price expressed as a percentage? Percentage of what exactly? What does all this mean and how does it work?

    Dumping people in here with no instructions or explanation is no way to run this unless you want random answers.

    • @ Laurie, thanks for your questions and request for explanations.

      1. "How does this work?" -- Did the blue tutorial bubbles open for you? You can restart the tutorial with the Question Mark Button on the top right of the Trading Section.

      2. "What is the price" -- It is the likelihood of an answer coming true.

      3. "Why is a price expressed as a percentage?" -- Generally "an x percent chance" is the most intuitive expression. Sometimes people prefer to express it as a "1 in X chance" but that differs from country to country.

      4. "Percentage of what exactly?" -- Simply percent of likelihood. Reason: The sum of all what may happen is 100% likely.

      5. "What does all this mean and how does it work?" -- Quite simple once you get the hang of it: If you believe something is more likely than the current market price, then you buy. Opposite, if you believe the price is too high for something unlikely, then you sell.

      Of course your trading changes the forecast immediately, i.e. the market price available for the next trader.

      In the end, if you were right you will make profits (and win prizes) but if you are wrong, well ... you win nothing.


  • Profile picture

    I'm trying to register and there are these blank lines th fill out but what should go where it does not say

    • Hi Anonymous - the fields should show in grey font what goes in it: First name, last name, email, password, repeat password.
      1. Can you kindly write to support@prediki.com specifying which browser you are using? Our tech team will then test if this is a general problem.
      2. Does the problem persist if you try again with a different browser, e.g. a new Chrome?

  • Shane Norris

    Hi Prediki

    I've now cashed out a payment/payout- what happens next in terms of sending it to my bank 🏦 :)

    • Hi Shane, congrats to your predictive powers, and winnings. Prediki automatically passes transfer requests to our bank, then they take from two to five banking days, depending on your country and currency.

    • Shane Norris

      Thanks Prediki- apologies for all the questions lately but thanks for being so quick and straightforward in your replies :)

  • Shane Norris

    Like everyone else. I've read everything on this site and still nothing makes sense. I've got pending winnings which I know I have to wait until the final judgement. Some of the ones I have winnings on say judgement is overdue, others I have sold and not had any credits added. How can it be so confusing, surly someone could explain this in simple steps because from what I gather nobody has a clue what they are supposed to do. Could someone tell me, in simple terms!

    • @ Shane - You are absolutely correct: Pending winnings need a final result to settle into final winnings. You are also correct that "Judgement overdue" is no good. The Sponsor of the question should either announce the reality outcome or - at a minimum - set a new announcement date explaining why there has been a delay. They should do this using the "Modify Question" function. You can remind them of this by posting directly on the Sponsor's user page. Please revert to us, Prediki, if the Sponsor does not announce the reality outcome in due course, Then we will officially remind the Sponsor of his obligations to the community. VIce versa, the community needs to check the reality result announced by the Sponsor and decide by vote if it is true and fair. Failing that a question cannot be settled.

    • Shane Norris

      Hi Prediki thanks for your swift reply. Would other community members not have prompted them already though about announcing the outcome? after-all we are all in the same boat here.

      Can I also ask, I traded in a few of my bids (not sure what you call them) does someone have to buy them, to take over them? not sure how that works once I've sold them (if that makes sense) I'm still getting with the lingo here so forgive my lack of terminology :)

    • If another member prompted the Sponsor to announce a result, you can see in the Sponsor's user page/message tab. Or any member can prompt the Sponsor directly in the pertinent question's message section, assuming the sponsor follows his questions..

      Bids: Orders are executed by an automated market maker immediately into trades which keeps things simpler than on an order driven excahnge. The system automatically increases the price when a user buys into an answer and decreases it when sb sells. As a nice benefit there is no spread. Try it out: When you first buy and then sell the same quantity of Credits, you are exactly where you started (except rounding a cent up or down, maybe).

    • GMI UK Ltd, Market Research

      Dear Shane, apologies for the delay in response, as we have opened up these questions for all to view we are delaying the publication date as the trading is still live. Sorry for any confusion, as the results are based upon past data we did not realise the publication data was overdue, the sample is limited in this case, so when the trading has terminated we shall announce the results.

  • jemma lewis

    What the hell am I supposed to be doing on this following link from GMI surveys. Not a scooby doo on how this is supposed to work

    • Have you clicked the Question Mark Button on top of the trading section? This restarts the tutorial, in cse you missed it or clicked it away.

    • Laurie Pullman

      The tutorial tells me nothing. It has only three entries none of which tell me anything useful.

    • Laurie, we saw your specific questions above and answered them there. BTW: We are also planning a "How-To" video in the next few days. But we are not sure though if people would prefer something in writing.

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