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For trading on the prediction market and earning prize monies, you must be logged-in. Without log-in you can use a number of functions completely anonymously, such as writing messages, asking questions or editing wikis.

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As a matter of principle, Prediki is "open" for written messages and comments, i.e. login is not obligatory. For certain prediction questions, anonymous hints and information are of high interest.

Why login?

In most cases, login or registration are advantageous. For instance, you can keep track of your postings and Prediki can notify you about other participants' reactions, comments and ratings. If you want to trade, to win prizes, or to show up in Prediki's expert ranking tables, a login is required in any case.

Login with social networks

For convenience and speed, you can login to Prediki with your Facebook or Google user account. When you do so for the first time, your e-mail will be registered automatically and your profile picture will be filled from your social network. On your profile settings page, you can disconnect your social network at any time.

Set password

For security reasons, certain Prediki functions require an explicit password, e.g. "Payout" of winnings or "Sponsoring" of prediction questions. You can set your first password and change it anytime on your profile settings page. As a last resort: on the Login-Page you can request a new password via e-mail.