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A summary of Prediki's functions with starting points for relevant help pages. The talk section below is for general questions. If you have any specific questions about your participation, please write to support@prediki.com.

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Help for Participants

Questions & Answers

On Prediki, anybody may enter new questions about the future. Questions may be public or confidential for closed user groups. Prediki is designed for maximium openness, other participants can rephrase or modify a question, propose a better judgement rule or criteria and suggest additional answer options. All prediction questions on Prediki must be objective i.e. ask for a potential real-world event or measurement: "What will be?" or "What will be if ...?"

Incentives & Winnings

When the question owner or an independent sponsor provide an incentive for a question, predictive and analytical activity starts. Knowledgeable and interested users may then trade the possible answers, using Prediki's free currency, Credits. The earlier or the more precise a user's predictions in relation to the final outcome, the larger such user's Credit winnings, thus share of the real-money incentive. Login is required for trading.

Settlement & Overdue Questions

When a question becomes due for settlement, Prediki automatically prompts its owner to enter the final result. If you notice an overdue question you can post a comment in that question or question battery or the question owner's page to remind him. If the question owner fails to do his duty, Prediki offers a self-service function to propose the final result yourself.

Predictions & Analysis

An answer's current trading price represents the collective prediction, in essence summarising public opinion. Charts visualize current predictions and trends. Users can further contribute to the trading and predictive process by adding reliable information to the structured question wiki or commenting personal opinions with messages. All user-contributed content of public questions goes to the public domain under a creative commons license.

Topics and experts

All questions can be categorised by users with appropriate topics. By subscribing to topics, users may customise their news feeds and receive e-mail notifications for new questions and incentives of interest. Last but not least, Prediki's algorithms constantly determine the leading experts for every topic, based on who gets it right or wrong, objectively.

Cancelling your Prediki user account

You can cancel your Prediki user account and delete your personal data at any time on your Profile Page. If you are kind enough to tell us what you did not like, you can help us to improve the platform for all other participants.

Information for Market Researchers, Opinion Researchers and Futurists

Nowadays, professional researchers -- whether in agencies or corporations -- need research results faster than ever. Prediki not only offers a real-time dashboard charting quantitative results, it has fully integrated, near real-time qualitative analysis functions and automated reporting. Please contact us if you want to use powerful prediction market technology for your research projects.

Information for Media Partners

If you are an online news website Prediki can give you free real-time predictions for your website on just about any topic imaginable. With commercial predictions you can also earn additional revenues. Become our media partner

Providing Feedback

If you have any questions or suggestions please write us an e-mail. You can also help improve most help pages: Either use the "Edit" function or discuss improvements in the "Message section" below.