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You can use the open prediction platform on the internet or run a private installation on your intranet. Together with our partner companies, we also assist you in all aspects of introducing and making the most out of your new tool.

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Prediki in the cloud

You may simply use Prediki on the internet, for both public as well as confidential questions. Our cloud-service is suited for companies and organisations of all sizes. Recommended as a Social Media communication tool.


  • Public Questions -- Free of charge.
  • Confidential questions (internal) -- 1 EUR per month and participant. Minimum fee is 50 EUR per month.
  • Sponsorings (monetary incentives for participants) -- A fee of 30% of the incentive amount applies.


We strongly recommend to avail yourself of our conception services (see below) for your first few questions.

Your own Prediki installation

Prediki may also be installed on your intranet. Thereby you create your very own Prediki service and are able to deal with company-internal questions exclusively amongst your employees and colleagues. Prediki installations are suited for medium and large-scale companies and organisations. Recommended for especially sensitive questions.

Company sizePrice (per installation)Installation size
MediumFrom 60,000 EURup to 500 Users
Large120,000 EURfor 501 to 2,000 Users


For a detailed quote or for larger installations, please contact Sales at sales@prediki.com.

Our services

In principle, you can ask, incentivise, and run Prediki questions completely on your own. For optimal results, we and our local partners can also assist you in getting the most out of your Prediki questions.


  • Question design
  • Panel design
  • Incentive design


  • Market supervision
  • Content moderation
  • Community management


  • Your first Prediki question
  • Sponsoring 1-2-3

Further information

  • About Prediki: "A leader asks questions."
  • Please take note of our list of Fees. In case of information discrepancies elsewhere, this legally binding list prevails.