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Prediki Prediction Services

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Prediki develops and operates an online platform for collaborative predictions and analysis for future questions of all kinds.

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Prediki Prediction Services develops and operates an online platform with collaborative predictions and analysis for future questions of all kinds. The tool is equally suited for economic, scientific and political predictions.

Prediki utilises Collective Intelligence: predictions result from a specialised trading mechanism, analysis is written co-operatively using wiki-technologies. The name "Prediki" is a portmanteau blending the words Prediction and Wiki to symbolise these building blocks.

Patented technology

Prediki's technology is built on four patents (pending) for innovations which significantly advance the usefulness and applicability of conventional forecasting markets. Prediki questions are fully administered by users, no central intervention is needed to create, modify and close questions, even anonymously if desired. Sponsors can provide incentives for their questions, thus ensuring active participation during a specific time window. Users can earn these incentives depending on the precision and timeliness of their predictions without risking their money. Prediki constantly computes each user's predictive success. This expert rank facilitates the aggregation of raw market prices into an enhanced prediction which consistently outperforms single experts.

Ownership and funding

Prediki is privately owned and headquartered in Vienna, Austria. The company has also been funded by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs's JITU-Seedfinancing program via Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH, the government's investment promotion institution.