What will be the range of electric cars in 2015?

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§ Judgement rule

How will the final result of the question be determined?

The independently verified number of miles of the best-selling electric car in the calendar year of 2015 at full charge under normal conditions. Ancilliary non-electric motors or similar are deemed irrelevant. "Best-selling" means new registrations in the United States.
Reference date: Dec. 31, 2015, 24:00 EST

Answer options

Widget Price
 Up to 100 miles
26.50 %
 From 100 to 200 miles
50.51 %
 From 200 to 300 miles
17.36 %
 More than 300 miles
5.61 %

Price trend

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Wiki article


Mitsubishi electric car - Copyright: Tony Hisgett

Interpretation of the judgement rule

The "best-selling" electric car must not be confused with the one with "the longest range". The range of current electric cars bears no direct relation to market relevance, market leadership is the key factor for the Question Owner. "Verified" means that a well-reputed third party (e.g. an automobile industry association) must have endorsed a manufacturer's claims.

Best selling cars in the U.S.: statista.com

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