What will the court rule in the case of Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner, who shot and killed his girlfriend?

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First trial result, before any appeals, after bail hearing. If convicted of multiple charges, the one carrying the highest prison term will be judged as the Final Answer.

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Wiki article


Blade Runner (Oscar Pistorius) London Olympics 2012


Wikipedia article: Oscar Pistorius

Recent developments

Oscar Pistorious stated that the killing was an accident. [1] His court appearance was postponed from June 4 to August 19, 2013 to allow the prosecutors more time for investigation. [4] The court verdict of the murder trial is entirely up in the air: Prosecutors charge him with premeditated murder and say he killed her intentionally, whereas Pistorius denies murder and says he believed to be reacting in lawful self-defence. [6]

In a short hearing on 19 August 2013, Pistoris was indicted for premedidated murder. The trial is to start on the 3rd of March next year and expected to last until 20th of March 8 [7].


  • Evidence -- In the indictment statement after a 6-month investigation, prosecution stated that the most telling evidence stems from cellphone records and projectile trajectories and plans to present 100 witnesses at the trial [7].
  • Media behaviour -- In an Afrikaans newspaper, Jacques Steenkamp reporter wrote that Oskar Pistoius was seen "with a beautiful woman" buying an Audi R8 sports car. [8] Readers may have been misled by the report; the press ombudsman subsequently established the woman was in fact Pistorious' cousin. [9]

Possible verdicts

As of 8 August 2014, the following verdicts are possible [10]:

  • Guilty of premeditated murder (minimum term 25 years)
  • Guilty of murder (up to life)
  • Guilty of manslaughter/culpable homicide (maximum term 15 years)
  • Guilty of other charges -- for discharging firearms in public (maximum 5 years) and/or for illegal possession of ammunition (maimum 15 years)
  • Acquitted

The verdict

In the first partial verdict of 11 September 2014, Judge Thokozile Masipa ruled that the prosecution had not presented sufficient evidence to prove murder or premedidated murder beyond reasonable doubt. [11]

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