Which company will be first to launch a smartwatch with automatic accurate blood pressure measurement?

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§ Judgement rule

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The question will be judged by the first self-calibrating and fully automatic smartwatch receiving regulatory approval in the US or the EU. If no such smartwatch is on the market by the end of 2023 the question will be judged with "None".
Reference date: Dec. 31, 2023, 24:00 CET

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Wiki article


The challenge

Samsung Axtive 2 - Copyright: WebSetNet Martin6The next big frontier in smart watches will be cuffless blood pressure measurement. Wrist cuff monitors have been around for a while. Samsung’s Galaxy recent smartwatch models have claimed this feature but were a bit of a letdown, they need regular manual calibration, an active measurement taken by the user, and even then it is still not sufficiently accurate which caused them difficulty in getting regulatory approval in key markets.

Can it be done?

Some say that wrist watches will never be a good solution, as blood pressure is best measured at heart level. Fitbit is researching blood pressure monitoring with a finger ring but that could be a dead end as fingers are even further from the heart.

IfArnold Schwarzenegger with upper arm bracelet - Copyright: Agonybooth I was a contender, I’d solve this issue with a upper arm bracelet, connected via bluetooth to a smartwatch or directly to a smartphone. Conan could promote the bracelet, first it's his style and second I'd think he has high blood pressure, occasionally. But no such upper arm bracelet seems under development, as of today. 

Who is in the race?

The likely contenders for the technology are, in alphabetical order:

  • Amazfit - Rumours about GTR 3 have not substantiated
  • Apple - Rumours about the upcoming Watch 8 in September 2022
  • Fitbit - Actively working on the feature but progress is uncertain
  • Huawei - Rumours about an upcoming “Watch D” in December 2021
  • Samsung - They may improve their Galaxy Watch


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