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The World's Leading Prediction Market

Collective Intelligence for More Success
in Strategy, Innovation & Marketing

For Companies & Organisations

+ Numeric forecasts backed by verbal reasons
+ Gamification motivates superior response quality
+ Live dashboard shows results in real-time

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For Participants (Respondents)

Make yourself heard to shape the future
Win prizes when your predictions prove true
Grow your influencer rank when you are right

  • Prediki is a unique new tool for opinion research. Prediction exchanges can significantly outclass traditional polling methods when applied correctly.
    Matthias Horx, Futurologist
  • Prediki is a new way to discuss the topics which really matter and meanwhile contributes significantly to the achievement of our strategic goals.
    Peter Rathmayr, CEO Krone Multimedia
  • The results-oriented questions of Prediki make it an ideal tool for the implementation of a modern holistic market research program.
    Dr. Helene Karmasin, Karmasin Motivforschung

+72% Increase in Predictive Accuracy, Double the Insights

Building on the latest advances in behavioural science and experimental economics, Prediki offers next generation Prediction Market 2.0 technology which provides significantly improved accuracy and reliability compared to the traditional questionnaire method or expert forecasts. Specialised market designs facilitate a broad range of research objectives, categories, and industries.

An extensive series of experiments and comparative studies - first presented to the international research community at the 2014 Annual ESOMAR Congress - shows that predictive performance increases from 75 to 81% for simple study designs and up to 93% when applying more extensive question battery and cohort structures, corresponding to a reduction in predictive error by 24 to 72%.

Prediki’s market module is complemented by a fully integrated online community module. Analysis of verbal content from your cohort’s conversation ("Market Talk") enriches your quantitative results with underlying qualitative reasons and creative ideas, so you can improve your decision alternatives even beyond those at the outset of your Prediki project. Traditional methods - which deliver only either quant or qual results – only give you half of the picture.

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Latest News

  • Probable Futures @ESOMAR Congress

    Visit Prediki's stand #39 at the most prestigious industry event of 2018, the ESOMAR Congress in Berlin. We will demo how Executive Management can tap collective intelligence for strategy and get from Possible Futures to Probable ones.
  • Solving the Satisfaction Paradox

    How to improve dissatisfactory "Net Promotor Score" efforts to achieve a more accurate and deeper reading of your customers' minds? Prediki will tell at GOR 2018 at the University for Applied Sciences in Cologne/Germany.
  • Innovation Exchange in Amsterdam 2017

    CEOs and Marketing Executives must often act before all details can be known. At IIeX, Prediki will present the predictive approach to ensure the success of companies, projects, and teams under high uncertainty.
  • Design Thinking Integration

    Power up Innovation & New Product Development with solution-oriented customer feedback. Tap collective intelligence for rapid perfection of prototypes.
  • Test Marketing with Prediki PROMPT

    Prediki launches PROMPT, a new breed of test marketing for successful innovations and new products. The agile and flexible alternative to Simulated Test Marketing.
  • Prediki Prediction: ESOMAR Award 2014

    Prediki's joint presentation with GMI/Lightspeed "Predicting the Future" was nominated for "Best Overall Paper" and "Best Case History" at the ESOMAR Market Research Awards 2014.

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