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    Who will win the SEC's lawsuit against Ripple Labs?

  • …  based on what I’ve read that’s the most probably outcome. Not only could Ripple possibly get the case dismissed by the judge now, maybe SEC will drop the charges soon! The SEC Chairman behind the lawsuit …
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    What will the court rule in the case of Oscar Pistorius, the Blade Runner, who shot and killed his ...

  • … Lawsuit Top Athletes  …
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    What will the exchange rate of US$ per Bitcoin be at the end of 2013?

  • …  BitFloor, a Bitcoin exchange, shut down on 17 April, 2013. The largest exchange, Mt. Gox, was hit by a US$75m lawsuit from its prospective partner, CoinLab, on 2 May. [4] On 30 May, the Bitcoin Foundation …
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    When will the UK declare the Brexit?

  • …  - the existing lawsuits are now either moot or more about the tactics/outcomes of the negotiation. The public is clearly on the side of some kind of exit and we have a public date. Q1 for the notification seems …
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    Will Donald Trump be a good President, and why?

  • The question shall be judged by the final - i.e. not the average - approval rating of Donald Trump as determined by the combined approval rating of FiveThirtyEight at the end of his first presidency term, expected to finish in January 2021. If Donald Trump's presidency ends earlier, it shall be the last rating prior to this. Here is to the source: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/ If Donald Trump's final approval rating puts him among the top 3 (1-3) presidents since Harry Truman the questions shall be judged "Very Good", a lower top 5 rank (4-5) is "Good". A place among the bottom 3 (11-13) shall make him "Very bad", a better bottom 5 rank (9-10) is just "Bad". A rank from 6-8 will be judged as "Average". Note: The Gallup source originally defined for this question's judgement could be biased and will not be used: http://www.gallup.com/poll/116677/Presidential-Approval-Ratings-Gallup-Historical-Statistics-Trends.aspx
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