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    UK Politics

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    Italian politics

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    New Zealand Politics

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    International politics

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    Which political party will win the 2013 Australian Federal election?

  • … Politics Australia  …
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    The New Demarchy Manifesto ("Politics without Politics")

  • … , and specialised. The decentralised decision making in our economic system is keeping pace but the current political system which empowers professional politicians to impose their policy preferences on citizens has …
  • Will Donald Trump be a good President, and why?

  • …  panic just because of the conversation What does KMA mean? I'm guessing you are upset and you are shorthanding Kiss My Ass. If so I must politely decline your sexual invitation. I will suggest you …
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    Will Joe Biden be a good President, and why?

  • …  to the better is likely. Then? Not sure how an octogenarian will hold up well in this controversial political climate, so hedging with a "Bad". In any case, I can see nothing at the moment which would …
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    Will Donald Trump finish his current term as President of the United States of America?

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    Will Mr. Mario Draghi still be the Italian Prime Minister after 21 July 2022?

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    Wer wird am 31. Dezember 2021 Bundeskanzler der Bundesrepublik Deutschland sein?

  • … Politics  …
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    Will Scotland vote Yes or No to upcoming referendum which will ask "should Scotland be an independe...

  • … .. Will the changing vibes last in the end? http://www.reddit.com/r/Scotland/comments/2frad8/theres_something_in_the_air/ http://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/scottish-independence/referendum-outcome …
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    Will Christine Meyer be removed as head of Statistics Norway before December 1. 2017?

  • …  settled for good. https://www.prediki.com/questions/Will-Christine-Meyer-be-removed-as-head-of-Statistics-Norway-before-December-1-2017/results/ Political trends seem to be surprising May be  …
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    What relationship will the UK and the EU agree after the Brexit?

  • …  as of December 15th, 2017, mentioned that they have yet to determine the length of the transition period, further trade deals, and immigration. The UK are in a very vulnerable and volatile political situation …
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    The Morphing State of Television s Political Predictions in Online News Links

  • …  is methodically recording traditional poll failures, building empirical evidence that the more reliable and accurate prediction market methodology should be used for political questions instead. So entirely …
  • Quale candidato vincerà le elezioni primarie del Partito Democratico il prossimo 8 dicembre 2013?

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    Who will win the Auckland mayoral election 2019?

  • … New Zealand Politics  …
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